Starting every Friday thru the following Thursday, high school senior photographers are welcome to post their favorite image of the week on The Twelfth Year’s Facebook wall. Every Friday (with the exception of holidays), we will choose two  favorites and one winner. Their images will be featured on the blog with links to their Facebook Fan Pages. Tips to entering: Images must at least be 600 –

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29 Ideas To Do With Your Senior Reps-2

I’ve been a fan of Jen Sincero ever since I read her first book, “You Are A Badass”, so it was a no-brainer for me to pick up her newest book, “You Are A Badass At Making Money”. Let me just say that this book is one that I am going to read again, maybe even a couple of times. It’s that good. I had

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Business Audit:: 1 – on – 1

Hey! Running a business is hard. A Business Audit is a perfect way to get right to the point and see what needs improvement and better yet, an action plan to implement. It’s you and me, together going through what is not working in your business. What’s included: In depth questionnaire 1 and 1/2 Hour Live Chat (recorded) Follow up email with action steps to take